Top 5 Must-Haves at Suquet Now

Posted on February 3, 2017

Ok. We know the ‘must-haves’ thing is a little tired. Nevertheless, the team at Suquet Interiors do get super excited about sharing our favourite things with you. How about we frame it as, things we love and hope you do too? We each chose 1 item that we’re presently crushing on in our stores, and surprisingly (maybe not so surprisingly – likeminds and all that?) these pieces work beautifully together – clean lines, neutral tones, and just downright chic. Here’s our Top 5:

antonio king bed
Antonio king bed

“ Not only is our Antonio King bed gorgeous, it’s an absolute steal right now. Regular price was $1400, now $700 on sale, and in Indonesian hardwood. One of my favourite beds in our collection.” – Rick Bohonis, Co-Founder








shearling humphrey
Shearling Humphrey chair

“The Shearling Humphrey chair by Texas Rover. Not only is it a stunning piece of art, but it is the softest and most comfortable camping chair you will ever sit on.” Ramon Masana Tapia, Co-Founder








cabo chair
Cabo chair

“The Cabo chair is a perfect blend of ergonomic comfort and simple, elegant design. This chair comes in numerous fabric and faux leather options and is shipped to us from Toronto.” Mike Nishio, Principal Interior Designer



Salvador Blush & Bones_0095
Salvador by Blush ‘n’ Bones




“I love Salvador by Blush’n’Bones. He is sleek, monochromatic, masculine, and sexy. I imagine he is a Taurus like my dad. It’s a piece that you could use in any room and it would transform it, instantly.” – Jennifer Angers Daerendinger, Art Director




BaoBab candle


“I think everyone’s home should have a signature scent, just like the best haute hotels around the world. A BaoBab candle is perfect, and in black and white animal print, natch.” – Catherine Dunwoody, Editor





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