Top 5 Iconic Suquet Installations

Posted on May 30, 2017

Our co-founder Ramon Masana Tapia was born into the biz, and has seen a lot of jaw-dropping work pass through the doors of Suquet Interiors and out into the world. Here are his Top 5:

1. Boboli Arch – South Granville Street, Vancouver

The famous Boboli arch installed in 1987 was named after the upscale clothing store that commissioned it. The original cantera elements that make up the arch come from the facade of a two-century old building in Mexico City.

Boboli SG
Boboli arch

2. Circular Fireplace – Yaletown Brewery, Vancouver

Installed in the mid 90s, the original cantera elements from Mexico were used to create this beautiful fireplace.

Circular Fireplace - Yaletown Brewery
Yaletown Brewery circular fireplace

3. Boy Frame – St. Regis Hotel, Vancouver

Installed in the early 2000’s, the Boy Frame comes from the facade of a building in Mexico City on Insurgentes Sur.

Boy Frame 2

4. El Cacheton Fountain – L’Hermitage Hotel, Vancouver

Installed in 2009. The chubby face sculpture was originally a famous wooden mask hand carved by Mexican artisans in the state of Guerrero.

El Cacheton Fountain
L’Hermitage Hotel El Cacheton Fountain

5. Boboli Arch – Earls Tin Palace, Calgary

Another original Boboli arch installed at the Earls Tin Palace provides a unique entrance to the eatery.

Boboli - Tin Palace Calgary
Earls Tin Palace Calgary Boboli arch