Suquet Interiors Stone Fireplace Mantels Have A Rich History

Posted on August 29, 2016

IMG_3726Surely every Vancouverite has passed by Boboli boutique’s storefront archway, the boy arch frame at the St. Regis Hotel, or the wall fountain at the L’Hermitage hotel. But did you know they are all from Suquet Interiors?

Perhaps the average homeowner doesn’t have the size and space for such a grand design element, but you can still have a piece of rather impressive stone at home with a custom fireplace mantel, urn, or table base.

Suquet’s fireplaScreen Shot 2016-07-05 at 1.16.03 PMce mantels are reproductions from stone pieces, arches and cornices that made up the façade of a spectacular two-century old colonial building in Mexico City. Ramon Sr, the original founder of Suquet Interiors, salvaged the remains of this heritage building when the earthquake hit Mexico City in 1985, and moulds were made.

The cast pieces are created from hydro stone, gypsum cement (and other Suquet-secret-materials) and are available in 5 different shades, plus have the similar rustic texture and colour of the original quarry stone. The fireplace mantels are fireproof and non-combustible of course – and quietly command the attention an elegant showpiece like this deserves in your home.

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