Space-Saving Tips for Condo Dwellers

Posted on March 6, 2018

Space-Saving Tips for Condo Dwellers

Some of our customers are downsizing for the first time into a condo and some just need design tips on working with smaller living spaces, so we wanted to put this guide together to help. Small doesn’t mean that style is sacrificed, neither does it mean cramped and messy! Look for pieces that are portable, serve more than one purpose and conceal clutter.  Read on for a few tricks and ideas.

Nesting Furniture

The ever-popular nesting table is designed to be portable and versatile for small or even larger spaces.  Place them in your living room next to a couch, in a narrow hallway as a side console, or move them next to a guest holding a glass of wine.  The taller table provides a space where you can showcase coffee table books, a lamp or some candles, while the lower one is always available when you need an extra surface. If not, you can conceal the lower table neatly away.  The clean lines, contemporary design and neutral colour of the Maximus Nesting Table makes this dynamic duo easy to incorporate into a variety of aesthetics.

Hidden Storage

Sometimes, storage is tucked away in an underground parking lot or even offsite for our apartment dwelling customers because space is limited.  What if you need to conceal clutter, but still need to have your items close at hand?  Enter the best-selling Justin Bed.  Simply lift up the mattress to reveal abundant storage space, right under the bed. Store and easily access winter jackets, extra pillows and comforters. Genius!

Stackable Chairs

The ability to store items vertically is a must in any small living space.  We carry the Vata dining chair, which is not only stackable but also perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.  The durable material that these chairs are constructed from means that they are UV, mold and temperature resistant.  Bring them in from the patio if you have extra guests in the home, or simply use them as your dining chairs. Stack and stow away when you need some extra space.

grey indoor outdoor dining chair

Floor Lamps

For those darker nooks and crannies in your home, look no further than a strategically placed floor lamp for a source of light. Because floor lamps are already completely portable and can be easily moved around the house as needed, they can serve different purposes as well.   The narrow base on this Harrow Floor Lamp is ideal for a corner but is also designed to be seen!

Narrow Spaces

Many condo residents use their dens as an office.  The Griffin Desk is a perfect solution for smaller spaces as it offers storage in the form of drawers and a sleek narrow surface that will still fit a laptop and some notepads.  Keep your working surface clutter free by stowing pens, notepads and knick knacks out of sight in the drawers.

white Griffin Desk with wooden legs and drawers

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