Posted on January 25, 2017

You’ve seen the look before, but the quality isn’t always there. Rest assured our second-life rugs are the best around.

3982-Rug--e1467841820704We source our stunning collection of recycled Turkish rugs from Elite Living, and believe they are the ultimate blend of old and new – making for a modern look that is a timely trend but won’t have an expiry date of say, next week.

Each piece starts with a traditional Turkish rug, or pieces of, that is stripped of its original colour and given new texture and hue. The result looks fresh and contemporary but with a gently aged texture that adds a tactile warmth and feel to any room.

Our range of colours and sizes available means we can help you find the right rug for whatever room you choose.

3730-Rug-Want to add some depth and drama to a space? Our black and white pieces make that strong statement. Or keep your monochromatic palette from delving into dull, with a neutral rug that is an unexpected blend of pieces and textures that keeps things very interesting indeed.

Just like you, these rugs are one of a kind. Let us show you our collection at Suquet Interiors – we’d love to see you.