Q & A with Artist Sheila Neufeld

Posted on November 25, 2016

I had the pleasure of chatting with one of our featured artists at Suquet Interiors, Ms. Sheila Neufeld.

CD: How would you describe the pieces in your collection at Suquet?
SN: Expressive bursts of beauty, joy and love.

CD:What inspires you when it comes to creating?
SN: Nature and the beautiful forms within it such as cacti, flowers and plants.


CD: What was your a-ha moment that cemented you as an artist?
SN: I first decided to pursue painting in my last term at Langara College when I created a flower series inspired by Georgia O’Keefe; an artist I have always admired. A year after I finished school I exhibited at a trade show and my success at that show inspired me to pursue art full time.

CD: Favourite vacation or travel destination that inspires you?
SN: I have been to Botswana, Peru and India and they have all been inspiring trips but I keep returning to the Big Island of Hawaii as it just feels like home when I go there.

CD: Favorite Colour?
SN: Purple

CD: Where do you like to get coffee in Yaletown?
SN: Anywhere with a view of the water.

CD: Favourite restaurant for lunch or dinner in Yaletown?
SN: Blue Water has beautiful seafood and I also really enjoy Brix & Mortar as well as Homer St. Cafe.

CD: What music are you listening to these days?
SN: Everything from classical to hard rock/heavy metal.

CD: Books you are reading? Favourite author?
SN: I am reading “The Amber Spyglass” by Phillip Pullman. I like a lot of different kinds of books and authors but always appreciate J.K. Rowling.

CD: How do you feel about the new Suquet space?
SN: The new  space is beautiful, modern with an eclectic collection of art, furniture and home decor items.