Posted on October 11, 2016

Suquet Interiors was proud to host an in-store event with talented artist Georgina Tapia last Friday. I had the pleasure of getting to know her a little better, here’s what she shared.

CD: Can you describe your art collection in Suquet presently?
GT: The pieces are a combination of classic and modern styles. We used textures, colours and materials that created a warm and cozy ambiance.

CD: Typical question to ask any artist, but important – what inspires you?
GT: As an architect I have been inspired by the art and architecture that I enjoy when I travel. I love Barcelona but also Italy, France and England.

CD: What was one of your most challenging projects?
GT: The renovation of 2 industrial buildings into showrooms and offices incorporating stone frames, old European doors and gates, stone columns, antique iron railings and a lot of pieces that we were collecting during years.

CD: Favourite colours to work with?
GT: Warm grey and amber.

CD: Yaletown Hotposts you like?
GT: I love Rodney’s and also Minami for sushi.

CD: Some of your favourite things?
GT: I love opera, classical music but also I like music from the 70’s!

CD: What books are you reading these days?
GT: I like to read best sellers, plus my favourite writers from Spain and Latin America, and from England Patricia Highsmith.

CD: Since you and your late husband started Suquet, how do you like the new retail space?
GT: I love it. It has the touch of the old and classic with the fresh look of contemporary. I find it very elegant and unique.

CD: Tell me about your involvement with the IDS show this year?
GT: My husband and I were doing this show for years, so it was very exciting to help Ramon and Rick.

CD: As a former architect, how long have you been painting?
GT: I have been painting since I was a kid. But more seriously, 10 years ago. Painting gives me peace and a lot of pleasure.

Meet Artist Georgina Tapia in-store, tonight 5-7 pm.