Pure & Original Paint NEW at Suquet Interiors

Posted on March 31, 2017

We’re proud of our first foray into paint – especially this world renowned Dutch label that have chosen us to be their exclusive boutique retailer.

Pure & Original Paint is an all-natural, mineral-based pigment paint collection that’s completely on point with today’s home décor style. Available in 3 finishes, let me break down what each is about.

P&O Classico

Classico. This chalk-based paint produces a deeply velvety, powdery look with a matte finish. Enviro-friendly, water-based with 100% natural pigments, and can be applied without a primer.

Fresco - River Silt

Fresco. Lime-based paint has existed for thousands of years, and this made in the traditional way is available in more than 100 beautiful colors. A completely natural paint that can be applied on any mineral surface, with a layer of primer applied first for best results. The look?

Much like stone with its flat / matte sheen, mildly textured, and with a naturally produced variable color finish.

P&O Marrakech

Marrakech. A heavy-bodied lime-based paint that is trowelled to produce a plaster-like, medium-textured look with a variable color shades finish. A sealer used afterward is important.

Gorgeous paints that respect the environment meeting the most stringent & legal requirements pleases us too. Come visit us at Suquet – we’d love to see you.