Posted on September 18, 2017

Looking for even more ideas on trends and must-haves for your home this fall? I’ve got more to share right here. Part 2 of what to watch for this new season.

Texture. Tweed and houndstooth printed and woven fabrics are showing up in sofas, dining chairs and more. The scale of texture and slub ranges from small and sophisticated to big and oversized, so you can make your own personal style statement depending on what you choose.

Sofa style. Sure, the sleek, low profile Mad-Men look is still around, but we are seeing an upswing in fuller, comfier, down-filled sofas too. Bear in mind that what works in your living room, may not be right in your den or family room. With so many incarnations of shapes and styles finding what suits you best is even easier this season. Choose a neutral shade if switching up accent colours is what you prefer to do with throws, cushions and accessories. Or, don’t play it safe at all, and choose a sofa in a bold colour like turquoise or hot pink for the ultimate confident decor move.

Electic all the way. It is all about the mix here, and takes a bit of practice or advice from a professional decorator to get just right. The trend of mixing looks, and themes is fun and truly lets your personality come through. Try a a rough hewn, rustic wood dining table with modern, molded plastic chairs. Mix up your materials, like tarnished iron legs with an industrial edge on a sleek club chair in a floral print.

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