Meet Artist Erich Saide – Friday, August 26th, 5-7 pm by Catherine Dunwoody

Posted on August 25, 2016

Pop by Suquet Interiors to meet Vancouver artist Erich Saide this Friday, and discover why his photography has earned him the awards and accolades he so clearly deserves.

Saide’s range is impressive, and the pieces he shows in our space are polished and dramatic – ideal for those appreciative of landscape photos that not only capture the environment visually, but move us emotionally.

I chatted with Erich recently:


CD: How would you describe the pieces you will be featuring at the Suquet event on the 26th?

ES: I’ll be showing landscapes photography. These pieces are more personal moments caught in time where life interacts with the landscapes to create a mood.


CD: Did you create the pieces just for this show, or are they for purchase at Suquet already?

ES: The pieces are for sale at Suquet already, and this is an opportunity for me to meet new clients and for them to meet me as artist.


CD: What inspires you when it comes to creating fine art pieces, like the ones at this event?

ES: Light inspires me. The way it hits objects.


CD: Are you commissioned to create custom pieces?

ES: Yes, and it is possible to be commissioned through Suquet.


CD: What is the price range of your pieces at this event?

ES: $2000-3000.


CD: Favorite vacation spot that inspires you?

ES: Mayan Riviera – Playa Del Carmen.


CD: Fave time of day to shoot?

ES: Late evening at sunset.


We’d love to see you at Suquet Interiors this Friday between 5-7 pm to meet artist Erich Saide, enjoy a glass of wine, and let us show you our new Yaletown space.