In Conversation with Karen Johnson, founder of K’Pure Naturals

Posted on July 13, 2018
Mother and daughter with jars of natural bodycare products from K'Pure

As a furniture and lifestyle store and concept, we make it our mission to source well-made, beautiful products which are designed to inspire.   Although Suquet Home started primarily as a furniture showroom, we have evolved to showcase a variety of body care products, gifts, art and other knick-knacks that defy categorization.

In today’s meet-the-maker / in conversation feature we speak to Karen Johnson, founder of BC-based natural body care brand K’Pure.  Hand-made in Mission, British Columbia with organic essential oils and high-quality ingredients, this cruelty-free brand was borne out of a genuine love and passion for health and wellness and the belief that what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in our bodies.  Read on to learn more!

K'Pure gift box containing lip balm, natural balms and sprays
Image c/o K’Pure. Settle Down Aromatherapy Spray, Smooch Lip Balm, Drenched Whipped Body Butter and Get Closer Deodorant are all available at Suquet Lifestyle Locations in Park Royal and Westin Bayshore. Inventory varies per location. Browse in store to see!


Suquet Home: Tell us a little about yourself, K’Pure and what inspired you to start the company!

Karen Johnson, K’Pure Naturals:  I was a personal trainer, passionate about health and fitness, for many years.  I had a fitness studio for about five years and I used some natural products that I had made as promotional items for the studio.  The very first products were a body scrub and lip balm.  Those items then went onto a small retail shelf at the studio and that evolved to include our sprays and body butter.  The women at the studio requested a natural deodorant, and I used the formula I had been making for myself for years as the starting point for our Get Closer deodorant and the fitness ladies became the product testers.  Fast forward a few months, and I had to choose between my fitness career and K’pure.   I decided to sell the fitness studio.

I had been making my own deodorant because I wanted to keep toxins out of our bodies and our home, and after learning that the toxins from the commercial antiperspirant I had been using were entering my breastmilk and ultimately my baby’s body, I starting making my own basic deodorant recipe.

Handmade natural bath salts in clear bottles

Suquet Home: What are some of your best sellers?  What makes them unique?

Karen:  Our best seller is our deodorant for sure and unlike a lot of natural deodorants, it absorbs odour and wetness.  Our skincare products and sprays are also top sellers because all of our products are multi-use.  For example, our organic foaming cleanser can be used head to toe and is gentle enough to use as a face wash and a baby wash.  Drenched body and face butter can also be used head to toe without clogging pores and is a light whipped texture, like whipping cream.

Suquet Home: What motivates and drives you?

Karen:  My biggest why is my kids.  It’s such an obvious answer but it’s really true.  The first year of K’pure was a lot of work, and long days and nights while the kids slept (we have four kids), but it now gives me the freedom to take my kids away on adventures and to be there for them before and after school.  I also love that this business is a great example to them, showing them what hard work and passion can do.

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