In Conversation: Cindy Fair, Blush N Bones

Posted on June 19, 2018

If you’ve been to any of Suquet Home’s three locations, you will have noticed a collection of ornate skull sculptures, adorned with Swarovski crystals, metalwork and draping chains.   Today, we speak to Cindy Fair of Blush n Bones about her journey to discovering herself, the inspiration behind Blush n Bones, and her work.  Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Cindy is now based in Vancouver, Canada and is an accomplished self-taught artist. As told to Suquet Home:

Originally from Calgary, I am a self-taught artist who lived and traveled through many parts of South America and Mexico, where I first discovered the passion of the country’s culture, traditions and family values. My inspiration originally stems from Mexico’s annual ‘Day of the Dead’ celebration, along with the ancient traditions of Mexican skull art.  Although the celebration (Day of the Dead / Dia de los Muertos) may appear to be based on the celebration of death; but in my opinion, more about the celebration of the cycle of life and the final mark or legacy we leave behind.

The journey of ‘BlushnBones’ began in 2011 while in the little fishing village of Zihuatenjo, Mexico.  One afternoon, while walking through an artisan’s market, I came across an unfinished and rejected terracotta skull which one of the shopkeepers had decided to discard. It was quite flawed and so hopelessly abandoned that I felt compelled to pick up and salvage the piece. I have always had a connection to the things left behind, objects which people forget about and no longer see value or worth. I will spend countless hours restoring objects to their origin or better. I believe that all things are salvageable and that is where the birth of everything most beautiful begins, and that this philosophy may apply to people and art.

Determined to reinvent this unwanted clay error, it was brought home with me to Vancouver where the evolution of both the skull and (unknowingly) myself would begin. After countless hours of painting a very intricate floral design with a glaze from Mexico (which I believed was compatible for the high temperature of a kiln), I finally found a very helpful potter in Kitsilano who agreed to fire the piece in his kiln. A few days later, to my dismay, my labour of love resulted in ashes with the faint impression of the design burnt on the surface of my piece of art. Determined not to give up, I continued by turning the flawed material into my first work which I named ‘Daliah of the Dead’. This piece has a very special significance to me as it is a reminder to always have faith, be persistent, as it is from the ashes that the phoenix arises. There really is so much more depth and connection to ‘Daliah’ as it was through her that I discovered my ability to sculpt. Had I not taken the time to extract her potential, I would never have realized my own.

I became immersed in the art of (self-taught) sculpture and my new world of ‘BlushnBones’ became a reality where I began to incorporate metal, Swarovski crystal and carefully selected jewelry to express my artistic impression and view on skull culture thus creating something very unique of my own. Over time, the work evolved where half of my art involves the creation of ‘calaveras’ or what I now call ‘Glamour Skulls’ and the other half revolves around my animal creations consisting of authentic bison, longhorn steer and deer along with other animals that I have titled “Beasts of Bling.” These animals have sacrificed their existence and substance in order to allow humanity to survive. I believe it is through this sacrificial process, that both the human and animals are spiritually connected and represent the cycle of life.

Next to the pride of my skull creations; Suquet Home is one the proud moments in the evolution of Blush n Bones.  It has been an honour to showcase these pieces in the unique and delightful ambiance in each location.

The Suquet Homer Street showcases the following:

 “Beasts of Bling” Collection: 

‘Salvadore’ (black male bison) consisting of draping chains, acrylic sculpture and black Swarovski crystal.

Image of Salvadore Adorned Skull
Photography by Erich Saide

‘Beast of Bronze’ (male bison) in palettes of bronze, and forest green.  On the bridge of this piece rests an acrylic floral sculpture adorned with shades of Swarovski crystal to compliment the colour scheme.

Image of a bison skull adorned with crystals
Photography by Erich Saide

‘Eternal Thunder’ a black male blesbok (small antelope endemic to South Africa) adorned with Swarovski crystal, metal work and floral sculpture.

Image of Blesbok Skull Adorned with Crystals
Photography by Pantora Photography

‘Capricorn Rising’; a gold and black male impala (medium sized antelope endemic to South Africa) also adorned with Swarovski crystal, metalwork and floral sculpture.

Image of impala skull adorned with crystals
Photography by Pantora Photography

“Glamour Skulls” collection:

‘Siberian Stag Party’ a silver base skull consisting of roses and branch-like horns adorned with a variety of blue Swarovski crystal in tones of sapphire, aquamarine and midnight blue complimenting the shades found in the roses.

Image of Skull adorned with blue flowers
Photography by Erich Saide

‘Divine Stag Party’ a gold base consisting of red roses and deer-like antlers adorned with a variety of crimson and ruby red Swarovski crystals.

Scull sculpture adorned with red crystals and antlers
Photography by Erich Saide

At the Suquet Park Royal Location:

“Beasts of Bling” Collection (photos by:

‘Ternes’ (male bison) a somewhat South Western theme in earth tones of grey and rich brown, combined with acrylic and Swarovski crystal with leather and feather accent.

Male Bison Skull adorned with chains and crystals
Photography by Erich Saide

 “Glamour Skulls” Collection:

“Violet Temper” – silver base with violet roses, horns and lavishly adorned with countless Swarovski crystal to compliment.

Skull sculpture adorned with horns, crystals and purple flower sculptures
Photography by Pantora Photography

“Floral Asphyxiate” – silver, with a head-dress consisting of baroque cut crystal, and a very unique metal base encasing the crown.  This skull is encrusted with numerous crystals along with a choker of thorns and roses which cradle the jaw and back of this piece.

Skull sculpture with a silver crown, flower sculptures and crystals
Photography by Pantora Photography

At the Suquet Westin Bayshore location; ‘Storm in Africa’ a delicate black and gold springbok (medium sized antelope endemic to southwestern Africa) adorned with Swarovski crystal and metal work can be viewed.

A black and gold springbok (medium sized antelope endemic to southwestern Africa) adorned with crystals and metalwork

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