In Conversation – Alison Kent, alison kent HOME

Posted on July 4, 2018
Suquet Home is proud to present another “In Conversation” piece with Alison Kent of alison kent HOME. Based in Vancouver, akHOME is a lifestyle brand and boutique design house.  All akHOME pieces are handcrafted in Canada in small batches, with special attention paid to the sourcing of local materials.  Alison has extensive experience in varied disciplines such as art, architecture and interior design, and she brings a unique approach to blending design, art and textiles to create high-quality, limited edition products.  We proudly carry akHOME products, such as pillows and the new-in-stock food tables at all three Suquet Home locations.
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Stack of watercolour inspired pillows by akHOME sold at Suquet Home
Photo taken by Tracey Ayton

Tell us a little about your company and how you decided to start it!

Alison Kent HOME began, as I suppose many companies do, because of a desire to find home decor products that were different than the masses of over-produced items available in stores. My own aesthetic is that mix of refined in taste, but slightly imperfect in that it has some character, much like the vintage copper pans from Paris flea markets that I still use in my own kitchen. Watercolour as a medium is suited to that, as it’s harder to make it look like computer-generated, mass-produced design.

I love seeing the hand of the maker in objects – the variations in the edge of a ceramic plate, or the brush strokes of a painting used for a print, or the extra tie stitching on an apron. You know HUMANS were involved in the processes and creation of every piece, and that just makes my heart smile.
Your products are handmade by local artisans from materials sourced locally, and your products are also sold in local retailers like Suquet Home. Can you describe some of the benefits of keeping things local?  
Keeping things local is critical for keeping artisan creations’ quality control. There is a lot of back and forth at getting the simplest things to work perfectly. Working with artisans is also different in that genuine relationships and connections are formed, and that shared passion for an object comes through. Working with passionate, creative people is probably the best part of what I do!
What inspires the aesthetics of your work?
I can be a bit of a “shiny object” person – I want to MAKE everything I see that isn’t quite up to my own aesthetics in my own home. I’m learning to focus my steps forward! I spent my entire childhood creating artwork, dabbled on/off over the years in fashion design, switched to an almost 20-year career in architecture/interior design – so now I’m melding together of all these mindsets into surface and product design. It’s fun and fascinating and I’m incredibly excited to see where the next 20 years takes akHOME!
What’s next for aKHOME?
I want to keep exploring the concept of food furniture now that our newest Food Tables (created in collaboration with Birdman the Welder and Kristine Weber c e r a m i c s) has officially launched. I’m exploring a completely new wallpaper concept, as well as a chair design. A fellow interior designer Aleem Kassam of Kalu Interiors and I support the local community via the Little Black Dress Gala with original watercolour fabrics, so fashion may appear again at some point 😉 Honestly, my “future projects” list is so very long!!
See Alison’s creations such as handmade pillows and the newly arrived food tables at our Yaletown Showroom today!
 Food display tables hand-made in Vancouver, Canada by akHOME , Birdman the Welder and Kristine Weber Ceramics
Photography by Heather Ross
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