Posted on July 14, 2017

At Suquet Interiors, we think navy blue just might be the new black when it comes to interior design and home decorating.

The deepest, darkest of the blue spectrum, navy just seems to work as a neutral, paired with any shade of grey, crisp white, creamiest caramels or pops of strong colour like apple green, hot pink or tomato red. Metals look fresh against navy too, like brushed bronze, rose gold and soft silvers.

mhd_hometrend_navy_inspirationWe’re finding navy works anywhere in the home, in living rooms as a sofa colour, statement chair or painted on an accent wall. We love it as the newest colour choice for kitchen cabinetry, and most definitely in the bedroom as a sophisticated, sexy shade in bedding or home accessories.

Give navy a go. It’s not as heavy as black and breathes some fresh air, especially during the summer season, into your home environment.

Come visit us at Suquet to find out more about the new navy. We’d love to see you.