Chatting with Artist Corinne DiPietro

Posted on January 18, 2017

At Suquet we think getting to know the talented artists behind the pieces we carry at our 2 locations is important – and intriguing. Here’s a peek into the mind of Corinne DiPietro, when she and I chatted about photography, slowing down this new year, and the best place for take-out.Insomnia+ISuquet: How would you describe the pieces in your collection?

CD: The pieces I currently have in Suquet are photographs merging self portraits and landscapes. They explore my connection with the natural world and its cycles of growth, decay and the in-between.


Suquet: What inspires you when it comes to creating?

CD: I am inspired by nature, its beauty and its resilience… That everything in its design has a function.   I am also inspired by other artists who uniquely, perhaps bravely, share their experience and interpretations of the world with others.


WeirdScenesintheGoldMineSuquet: What was your a-HA moment that cemented you as an artist? 

CD: My a-Ha moment was more about recognizing that pretty much all I do has threads of art woven through it.


Suquet: Favourite vacation or travel destination that inspires you?

CD: I have always loved travel, so anywhere and everywhere I’m called to slow down and make pictures. Recently, I have been very inspired on Marthas Vineyard.


Suquet: Favourite color?    

CD: Currently: Dark Teal. Consistently: Black.


Suquet: Where do you like to get coffee in Yaletown? South Granville?

CD: Anywhere but Starbucks. I do love JJBean’s Coffee.


Suquet: Favourite restaurant for lunch or dinner in Yaletown? South Granville?

CD: BlueWater in Yaletown is a longtime favorite. Up on South Granville Vij’s (when it was still open) and Ouisi are delicious adventures and Meinhard’s is a great place for quick bites or for taking home.


MedusaSuquet: What music are you listening to these days?

CD: Bowie’s Blackstar, new Nora Jones, and Arcade Fire.


Suquet: Books you are reading? Favourite author? 

CD: I prefer to read memoirs or historical fiction… most recently The Things They Carried by Tim Obrien, Paper Fan by Terry Gould, and Hawk by Helen MacDonald.  However, when it comes to lightening it up, a favorite author is David Sedaris.


Suquet: How do you feel about the new Suquet space?

CD: When visiting in December, I was so excited to explore the new South Granville location. It is a beautiful balanced space to peruse art and decor. There are many unique pieces to add individuality to an interior and informed staff to help with your experience.  It is a great addition to the neighborhood~ Congratulations all around!