A Sofa for Every Room

Posted on August 29, 2018
black top grain leather couch in a contemporary living room

At Suquet Home, we work with clients with homes of every size and rooms of every shape.  We truly enjoy a good design challenge!  Here are a few suggestions on how to incorporate some of our best-selling sofas into your home.

Open Concept | Rectangular Shaped Dining / Living Room

Place your sofa lengthwise alongside the longest wall, and if your living room is in the same space as your kitchen and eating area, then consider placing a few lounge chairs between the kitchen and living areas to create a division between the two spaces.   Our Dylan sofa, shown below, can be specially ordered in either a grey fabric or a deep brown leather.

Grey upholstered sofa with decorative pillows

Interesting Focal Points

When placing furniture, you may also consider the natural focal point of the room. Is it a beautiful fireplace?  Or a statement wall?  Use furniture to frame these focal points and draw attention to that part of the room.  The Grammercy Sofa, shown below, is placed strategically so that it draws attention to the statement brick wall as well as the large artwork above the couch. You’ll also notice that anyone sitting on the couch or the lounge chair will have access to a surface to place their drinks upon.  Your guests will be so comfortable, they’ll never leave!

A beige sofa with decorative pillows in a living room setting.

Creating Warmth

This room has a beautiful source of light which can be attributed to large windows characteristic of Yaletown buildings.  It also has polished concrete floors, which gives it somewhat of an industrial feel.  To bring warmth to this room, we’ve decided on organic and luxurious elements such as the casual luxury of the Humphrey Chair and a soft decorative pillow. we’ve also decided to place a lovely shelving unit behind the Dylan sofa, which provides not only a place where small decor can be displayed but also a secondary focal point.   Notice again that all guests are within arms reach to a surface to rest their drinks on.

A black top grain leather couch in a contemporary living room.


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