Posted on November 3, 2016

Always a conversation piece, Cindy Fair’s blinged out skulls have been a hit at Suquet Interiors since they first arrived. We recently chatted with the artist behind Blush N Bones.

CD: How would you describe the pieces in your collection at Suquet?

CF: There are two parts of my collection; the first are the Calavera, which I often call the “Sugar” or “Glamour Skull”.  In order to appreciate the significance; it is important to understand the essence behind them, which is primarily about the Mexican culture and celebration of the cycle of life.  These I would describe as alluring; as there is a story of inspiration which is infused in the personality of every skull created in honour of “Day of the Dead”.  They are not your traditional “Calavera” as each are uniquely crafted and adorned with Swarovski crystal, metal detail and depending on the piece; vintage jewelry.  They definitely command an audiencscreen-shot-2016-12-05-at-3-43-34-pme and cultivate conversation.

The second part of my collection are Steer and Bison skulls.  These are authentic, but also incorporate acrylic sculpture, metal detail and Swarovski crystal.  They are the link between how we effect the world and our surroundings. A tribute to the sacrifices made in which we often take for granted.  They play an important role in living the life we love. I would describe these as unique and definitely one of a kind – you will not find this type of work anywhere.

CD: What inspires you when it comes to creating?

CF: The cycle of life and how quickly it goes by is what inspires me most.  The skulls I work on, (sculpted or authentic) are a reminder or a timeline in life.  Everything you wish to aspire or accomplish in this life has a very short time span, I believe there is no luxury in procrastinating if you think in terms of a “dead line”.  I love to walk through gravesites for this reason and wonder what some of the previous ones before us would have done differently if they new exactly when their time here would end.  They are my inspiration, and provide the passion I have for this work and to “live the life I love.”



CD: What is the price range of your pieces at this event?

CF: The Calavera range from $500-1500 and the Bison or Steer (depending on size and detail) range between $2000-5000.

CD: Favorite vacation destination that inspires you?

CF: Mexico for the “Day of the Dead” celebration is one of my favourite destination and always inspirational. San Miguel de Allende and Zihuatanejo are my two best-loved cities.

CD: Favourite colour?

CF: My favourite colour is Blue, but I am always drawn to metallics.screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-3-40-30-pm

CD: Where do you like to get coffee in Yaletown?

CF: When I am in Yaletown – which is not often enough, I enjoy Provence.

CD: Favourite restaurant for lunch or dinner in Yaletown?

CF: Favorite restaurant is the Blue Water Café.

CD: What music are you listening to these days?

CF: I am fairly consistent with music.  I love Sade the most, she is like listening to a sexy lullaby which I never tire of. I also listen to a lot of jazz and classical.

CD: Books you are reading?

CF: Prince was one of my favourite artists and I was deeply saddened when we lost him in April.  My husband bought me one of the biographies recently published, which I am reading now.

CD: How do you feel about the new Suquet space?

CF: I love it and am very honoured to be one of the artists amongst such calibre.  It is such a unique and extraordinary concept, an eclectic show room of elegance and distinction.