Posted on July 21, 2017

At Suquet Interiors, we really are pretty chill when it comes to a live and let live attitude about how you decorate your personal space. We get that your style and taste has to be reflected in what you choose and surround yourself with, and we’re pros at helping you with that. But, there are some no-no’s, or décor don’t’s we like to call them, that will help you understand why some things may not be working, and create a home you love. Here’s 5 Don’t’s – and how to fix them.

1 – The rug and sofa equation. Most sofas are a standard seven-feet in length. Many rugs are 3×5 feet. See the disconnect? The sofa will dwarf the rug if paired together in the living room. Rule of thumb? A rug should go beyond the edges of your sofa’s length, so choose a rug that is a minimum of 9 feet so there is wiggle room on either side. It’s all about scale.

2 – Placement of wall art. You should never have to look up to see a piece of art placed on a wall, if you do its hung too high. If in doubt, use some removable hooks that won’t mark up your walls, like Command Hooks, so you can get the placement just right.

3 – Let the sun shine in. We have no problem with heavy drapery which can look dramatic and beautiful, as long as the drapes can be easily opened to allow for natural light in any room. You’ll want the option, especially living in grey Vancouver where our sunshine days are rare.

4 – Furniture against every wall. Nope. Pushing every piece of furniture in your home right against the walls is tired, old-school, and doesn’t open up your space, especially if it is small. Let a few pieces float, like a statement chair in the living room you place across from the sofa to invite conversation.

5 – All-white walls. We think that can be a little boring. Try a feature wall painted in a colour you love, like soothing hydrangea blue or a happy shade of coral or calming stem green. Or go for one wall covered in wallpaper with either a bold tropical print or a subdued metallic. A small investment that brings some interest and texture into your neutral palette.

Come visit us at Suquet for advice anytime. We’d love to see you.